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Running Shaadi ( ()

A 23-year-old Ram Bharose and his teenaged whiz-kid Sardar befriend Sarabjeet Sidhaana A.K.A. ‘Cyberjeet' and strike upon an ingenious brainwave of starting a website that helps young couples in Amritsar elope and get married. The website is called ‘' and it offers a comprehensive array of services to facilitate runaway weddings. The website becomes an instant hit with young, love-struck couples facing pressure from their parents and the site becomes a rage in small town Amritsar. While they are successful in getting many couples together, the underlying story of Running Shaadi lends itself to an unexpected twist. What happens with the site, along with the absurdities of making couples elope, is the catch of the film that lends an humorous joy ride.


Comedy , Romance
1 hr. 55 min.
Opened February 17, 2017


Amit Roy


Navjot Gulati
Amit Roy


Taapsee Pannu
Amit Sadh
Arsh Bajwa
Brijendra Kala


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