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Hero (Telugu) ()

Arjun aims to become a commercial movie hero. His daily life revolves around his audition trials, friends, girlfriend, movies, and family. One day Arjun receives the wrong courier. He tries to sort out the issue in various ways but Arjun and his family are inadvertently linked to a major mafia don. Chases, fights and drama ensue as Arjun attemps to set things straight. The conflict becomes more complex as other dangerous groups are drawn in. Eventually, Arjun solves the conflict and saves his family from danger. In the process, he gets an offer to become a commercial movie hero.


Action/Adventure , Drama
2 hr. 12 min.
Opened January 14, 2022


Sriram Adittya


Sriram Adittya


Ashok Galla
Niddhi Agarwal
Jagapathi Babu


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